Scholarship Criteria

LIS Scholarship

The Labuan International School (LIS) Scholarship Scheme is a long-term initiative of educational awards administered by Pristine Era Sdn Bhd with the support from Labuan Financial Services Authority (FSA) as part of its Corporate Services Responsibility (CSR). Applications are now opened to all applicants who are Malaysian Citizens residing anywhere in Malaysia. 

The scholarships aim at contributing to LIS long-term plan in achieving excellence in all aspects of educational development of the Mind, Body and Soul. These awards also provide opportunities for young students to experience a superior learning environment.

There are 3 types of scholarship offered to eligible students:

1. Academic Excellence
2. Performing Art (Music) Excellence 
3. Sports Excellence

The criteria for these scholarships are:






5As / 6As




10As / Checkpoint 5.5 - 6.0

5As / Checkpoint 4.0 - 5.5

5As / Checkpoint 4.0 - 5.5



Grade 6 - 8 (varies depending on age or can play any musical instruments) Play any of these musical instruments, string (piano, violin, guitar), wind (flute, saxophone) and percussion (drum)

Active as an athlete with sports achievement (i.e. in the top 3 positions at recognised national/ state level competitions for water sports e.g. swimming, diving and Athletics (track & field)


Above 12 years old


Below than RM60,000 per annum i.e RM5000 per month, per household


  • Malaysian

  • Able to speak and write in English

  • No disciplinary issues

  • Leadership qualities

  • Active in extra co-curricular activities

Awards Benefit

the Scholarship will include (among others) admissions and registration fees, tuition/school fees, maintenance fees, examination fees, boarding fees (inclusive of meals), text books, school uniforms, school activities fees, monthly allowance, leave passage (for students residing outside Labuan) and insurance. The Scholarship can be either in-full or partial, depending on circumstances and solely at the discretion of the management.

Award Contracts

Awardees of the LIS Scholarship will need to sign an agreement which states the terms and condition of the offer during the tenure of the awards. the awards are subjected to to an annual review when, in addition to the sports and music components, academic progress and discipline records at the School will be evaluated., 

How to apply?

Interested candidate may apply by completing and submitting an application form which can be obtained from the School, addressed to the School Principal. Kindly include all the necessary supporting documents to the address below: ​ 

Registrar and Bursary
Labuan International School 
LM 11344 Mukim Kg Tanjung Aru, 
Jalan Tanjung Aru, 
87008 Labuan, 
FT Labuan ​ 

Shortlisted candidates will go through an interview session and live audition (for music) with the Selection Committee which will finalise the successful scholars. The successful scholars will be informed through a formal Offer Letter stating the amount of the Scholarship Award and the Terms and Conditions of the Scholarship.

Contact Information

All enquiries may be forwarded to the Registrar and Bursary Unit via email [email protected] Please feel free to make an appointment to see the Head of Registrar and Bursary/Puan Wan Ely Masrina to obtain more details about the scheme. 

You may also call the School at the following number:

Registrar and Bursary 

Wan Ely Masrina 
Tel: 087-597300 Ext: 336
Fax: 087-415645


Download the form here.