LIS Scholarships Scheme & Learning Centres Sponsorship Programme


Principally, the scheme is aimed at elevating students from lower-income family who excel academically, in sports as well as performing arts / music and to further develop their potential. At LIS, high achievers and future leaders would benefit from various development programs that include character building, developing self-awareness, academic executive building, interpersonal growth, leadership and team spirit. Hence, in promoting the attainment of higher educational and development goals for students, LIS is motivated towards providing the same excellent facility and environment to students of families from lower income group. 

The LIS Scholarships Scheme and the Learning Centres Sponsorship Programme offer opportunities for collaborative efforts by other bodies, corporate and individuals to be undertaken together with LIS in providing education for the less fortunate.  LIS constantly seeks like-minded organizations to identify students who deserve the opportunity for a well-rounded education and benefit from its unique curricular.  Through these collaborative efforts, foundations, philanthropists, corporate bodies, individuals and other organizations could participate in the LIS Scholarships Scheme and Learning Centres Sponsorship Programme and play a role in helping to nurture potential high achievers into future leaders.

In upholding its education principle of contributing to the wellbeing of the community and environment, LIS actively collaborates with various organizations to bring across its caring attitude and messages of desire to create a better world to the society.  The collaborative efforts will enable LIS to spread the support to more deserving recipients.  Sponsors / Donors could participate in the following forms:

a) Scholarship
Interested parties may pledge a certain sum towards the annual scholarship program for an identified scholar, subject to the terms and conditions.

b) Sponsorship
Interested parties may make a general contribution to sponsor the learning centres for the purpose of providing general support to students. 

For more information, please contact:
Wan Ely Masrina Wan Abu Bakar
Registrar & Bursary Unit
Tel: +6087-597300/303/336