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LIS Children's Day

Published Date : 16-Oct-2019

Maia, aged 8

We had Children’s Day on Friday 4th October. It was held next to the auditorium. Everyone was requested to wear costumes of their best clothes to the event. I was so excited! I was dressed as Jessie from ‘Toy Story’.

It was a Disney themed event. Everyone around me had weird but wonderful costumes on! Some costumes were made to make them look buff! It was funny to see the boys dressed up as super-heroes.

The two main characters were really my Dance and English teachers. They were dressed as Anna and Elsa from ‘Frozen’, but Anna was very small compared to Elsa (my English teacher is from the west, she’s tall!).

We went to the petting zoo after that. OH MY THEY WERE THE CUTEST THINGS EVER! I tried to feed the rabbit, but when I tried, the bunny jumped out and tried to escape! Then I went to the back of the auditorium to play with my friends.

At 10 a.m. Isabelle went to join the fashion show and we all went inside to watch. While the judges were judging, we joined the Kids’ Talk! I went up on stage with my friends to talk about LIS and I got to sit on a bean bag 😊

It was the best day of my life! I hope to go again next year.

Caryn, aged 9

On Friday 4th October, we celebrated Children’s Day. It was really fun. The theme for 2019nwas Disney. I dressed up as Rapunzel and I chose her because she is brave (unlike her mother). We started with the opening. Elsa and Anna from Frozen (Teacher Elizabeth and Teacher Susan) were lip-synching. Straight after, we had a group photo.

Next, all the booths were opened and I had no idea where to start! So, I started at the petting zoo. All the animals were VERY CUTE! I was very surprised when a rabbit came and touched my finger.

After that, Flora and I ate ice-cream made by Teacher Steff. It was great!

I really loved Children’s Day!

Isabelle, age 8

Children’s Day and Fashion Show

I was excited! It was Children’s Day! I wore my Alice in Wonderland costume and joined the fashion show. As it only started at 10:30 I had time to have some fun first, so I went to play with the Giant bubbles.

While I was playing, I saw a petting zoo so I asked Flora to go with me. We saw a very chubby cute rabbit. I paid the petting zoo keeper RM2 for the food and fed the animals and OH MY GOSH THEY WERE SO CUTE!

When I touched the rabbit, it held my hand. I gave the rabbit some food and it ate it in a very, very cute way. Also, there was a really big chicken!

At 10 a.m. Adeeb from Year 2 came to remind me to go to the auditorium and go backstage with Teacher Ann.

At 10:30 the fashion show started. I was kind of nervous. The music started, I was so scared after the person in front of me walked out, then it was my turn! I walked slowly and carefully, struck a pose and walked off-stage.

It was a really fun event and I can’t wait for next year!

Rayan, age 9

On Friday 4th October, it was the Children’s Day. I was Jasmine. I came to school and saw Maia was a cowgirl, Isabelle was Alice from Alice in Wonderland, Caryn was Rapunzel, Flora was Aurora and Naomi was Mickey Mouse. I was very excited.

Then we went to the Auditorium. I took my pocket money and my bag. When I went to the auditorium I sat down on the chair and waited for the MCs to announce that we could start playing.

Firstly, I went to the petting zoo. I gave the rabbits food and they were so cute! Secondly, I went to the colouring contest. Teacher Shakina asked us to line up by our school. We went to the Standard 3 classroom and were given a picture of Mickey Mouse. I took out my coloured pencils and started to colour.

Thirdly, I went to the bouncy castle. Teacher Afwan gave me a bracelet so I could go in. I waited until it was my turn to play and then I could jump and go down the slide! It was so fun.

Finally, the play time was over. We went to the auditorium. Then they called my name and I had won second place in the colouring contest! This was my favourite day ever!

Hassan, age 8

On Friday 4th October all the LIS students celebrated Children’s Day. Everyone put on their Disney costumes and I suited up as Spiderman. We went to the auditorium met Anna and Elsa. Then we started the celebration, WOOHOO!

All my friends went to the petting zoo, except for me as I’m allergic to animal fur. So I went to the bouncy castle instead and it was so fun! After that I played Beyblades with my friend Maia.

After that it was time for the Kids’ Talk. Anna and Elsa asked us some questions and we answered like a Q&A. It was so fun.

I hope we can do this every month, it was the best event I participated in at LIS!

Flora, age 8

On Friday 4th October 2019, IT WAS CHILDREN’S DAY! Everyone was excited. We all dressed in Disney costumes.

We went to the auditorium to see the opening. Teacher Elizabeth was Elsa and Teacher Susan was Anna. They were lip-synching so it looked like they were singing. After that, we played at the booths. I went to the petting zoo and held a baby bunny! So cute! And then I bought ice-cream and drinks with Caryn.

After that it was the Kids’ Talk. I was so nervous, but I was with my friends Caryn, Maia, Hassan and Rayan. We talked and then also sang and danced on the stage. After that it was the prize giving. Naomi and Rayan from my class both won prizes in the colouring contest. And then all too soon it was the end! It was so much fun.