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Student Article: The Mysterious Man in the Woods (by Hayley Chau, Year 9)

Published Date : 08-Jul-2019

The Mysterious Man in the Woods

A short story by Hayley Chau, Year 9

Scintillating was the sun that shone down with its radiant, glowing beams; the birds were practising their harmonious vocals and a distinct “ring” came from a distance: the school bell. Sounds of children laughing covered the school’s atmosphere with the utmost joy and ecstasy.

Two girls, Emily and Alice, were heading up to class while chit-chatting about a very serious yet exciting topic.

“Did you know that there is this mysterious man, hidden in the woods, with superpowers?” whispered Alice softly.

Emily gasped. As gullible as she was, this was a statement that could be fascinating and even true. Her eyes widened; she was eager to know more.

“What if we sneak out after school?” asked Emily.

“Yes! We should! Finally, we could discover something that no one has seen before and we will be famous!” exclaimed Alice.

After school that day, Alice and Emily quickly rushed to the woods with tremendous excitement. Having trekked up and down they stopped for a rest. They panted heavily, the sun had already sunk and dusk had commenced - it was a moonless night. 

Whoosh…Whoosh… Whoosh…Bang!

“That was certainly not the wind!” said Alice quietly.

Before they could walk any further, a huge gleam of light shone in front of them. It was like a disco ball, the lights flew across the sky like birds and Alice and Emily were mesmerised: they had found the mysterious man in the woods...

The man floated lightly and as he turned his head, his face became grim, his eyes were dark and black and there was not a single grin on his face.

“Get out of my woods!” shouted the man.

Alice and Emily were petrified, the man dashed towards them, they jolted. Spotting an escape route, they hurriedly ran away in fear and did not turn back. Their hearts pounded all the way home.

“I’ll get you two next time…” murmured the man.