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Student Article: Let’s Get Healthy! (by Alessandra Moluna Tann)

Published Date : 23-May-2019

Let’s Get Healthy!
By Alessandra Moluna Tann (Year 7)

Do you want to be a couch potato forever? Of course not! Well, you’ve come to the right place! This article will show you how to be healthy and its importance.

The right diet

Let’s start off with a very simple topic: what you should eat. This is a simple one. Well, you should eat fruits and vegetables regularly. It’s just like the saying: An apple a day, keeps the doctor away! But, if you’re not a big fan of fruits and vegetables, do not fear my friend, for there are more solutions! Try taking vitamin C or D or homemade oatmeal! Yum! I bet just the thought of it is making you hungry!

Exercise, exercise and exercise!

There are many different types of sports, some you’ve never heard of! That’s right! For our second point, we’ll be talking about exercising and its benefits. Basketball increases your height, swimming helps you to breathe properly (by bubbling), oh, I could go on forever! All right, let’s talk about something else: indoor sports. If you dislike going out, you might as well try indoor sports. Running on a treadmill, or running around, taking care of your kids! Hah! How funny is that, being a parent can make you healthy! 

Take care of your hygiene!

Brushing your teeth gives you good breath, a brighter smile and healthier teeth. Washing your face will make your skin glow! Drinking water will make your urine clear and to help you avoid dehydration. Washing your hair regularly or on alternate days will make you have long, silky and healthy hair! It also decreases the amount of dandruff! Wow, that sounds like an advertisement…

Make new friends

If you do sports regularly, you could become taller and probably be buff as John Cena, but that’s not the only benefit: When playing sports you can make many more friends and add them to your guest list!

Well, that’s all for today folks! With my help, you’ll be healthy in no time! Trust me! You’ll look like the “Hulk” from “Avengers”! Oh, but don’t worry, you won’t turn green. I hope this article was helpful. Good luck trying these simple yet fun steps out! Goodbye for now!