LIS commenced operation in 1996 with humble beginnings but with a big mission and vision. Starting with only 5 Primary students and 3 Kindergarten students and supported by a total of 6 academic staff, including the Principal, the school moved to Tg. Batu, Membidai from its original base at Jalan Tenaga, in 1997. It was also the first year LIS began to offer secondary level education to its students with an initial 6 students. By 1998 the total student enrolment has grown to a total of 71 students reflecting the steady growth of LIS. 

   In 1999 LIS continued its steady progress by offering two curriculums namely the British Curriculum for its international students and the Malaysian Curriculum for the local students. It was also a historical milestone for LIS when the first batch of its students sat for the UPSR examination. More significantly, it was also the year when Labuan Financial Services Authority (Labuan FSA), (formerly known as Labuan Offshore Financial Services Authority) took over the management of LIS. This represented a strategic and compelling commitment from Labuan FSA to ensure a comprehensive support services to complete the ecosystem for Labuan International Businesses and Finance Centre (IBFC).

    In 2012, LIS, now with more than 300 enrolments, moved to its brand new campus at Jalan Tanjung Aru, Kerupang. The new campus was made possible with the strong support from Labuan FSA and the Ministry of Finance and was developed in 2 phases, providing LIS with world class infrastructure for the benefit of its students as well as the Labuan community.

Phase 1 – Construction of:
Academic & administration Block
18 classrooms with 4 laboratories and 2 Work Labs
Canteen Block,
Football field/ Volleyball & Basketball Courts and 2 Tennis Courts 

Phase 2 – Construction of:
2 Hostel blocks for 106 students
Dining hall
Olympic size Swimming Pool and Grandstand